Our Values
Capacity Building and Training
Gender Equity
Social Justice
Peace and Harmony
Research and Development
To Promote Research, Advocacy, Education and sharing knowledge through publication, outreach programme and partnership for sustainable and cognitive development of the Region.
To be a premier Research Centre and Knowledge hub in the field of Environmental Management, Disaster Management, Green & Clean Energy, Food Security, Socio Economic Development & Natural Resource Management
Promote and support academic and applied research relevant to present day scenario; Energy, climate change, Integrated Water Resource Management and socio economic dimensions
To Carry out inter disciplinary and multi disciplinary research in environmental and developmental issues and also to provide consultancy and training support to implement various development projects
To encourage industrial, governmental and private organizations to actively participate in sustainable management and utilization of natural resources.
To provide meditative measures to help conserve the biodiversity
To promote networking among environmental organizations in order to provide comprehensive solution to complex environmental problems.