Our Values
Capacity Building and Training
Gender Equity
Social Justice
Peace and Harmony
Research and Development
1. Research & Capacity Development    
• Research based on Crosscutting Issues
• Training and support for Academic Research
• Field based Research and Analysis
• Laboratory Testing and Analysis
• Joint Research and Collaboration between Academia (Universities/Faculties-Researchers-Students /GO’s & NGO’S)
• Environmental Impact Assessment and Social Impact Assessment (EIA/ SIA) Support for Academia community and international Researchers
• Research networking & sharing and Institutional linking
2. Environment :    
• Climate Change
• Solid Waste Management & 3R policy
• WASH: Water ,Sanitation and Hygiene
• Biodiversity & Forestry
• Eco-Tourism / Herbal & Medicinal Plant promotion
• Wild Life Conservation
• Integrated Water Resource Development
• Costal Ecosystem
• Urban Environmental Management
• CROSS Cutting & Cross Boundary Environmental issues and REDD
3. Disaster Management    
• Disaster Risk Reduction & Management (with special reference to Hyogo Framework for Action ,HFA)
• Community Based Disaster Management
• Health and Hygiene Response
• School based DRR training and Awareness Campaign
• Gender Dimension on DRM
• GLOF(Glassier lake outburst flood) and Avalanche management
4. Food & Agriculture    
• Food Security
• High and Low land Agriculture
• Technology for Agriculture Development
• Watershed Management
• Knowledge (traditional and modern improved technological) sharing for food production development
5. Health :    
• Urban and Rural Health Management
• Reproductive health
•  First Aid & Vector Control during Emergencies
• Health Awareness Campaign & Eco-health
• Maternal Health Training
6. Human Security & Regional Development    
• Livelihood Development
• Poverty Reduction
• Civil Society
• Gender empowerment /Women and Child Development
• Governance & Policy Development
• Human Right/IDP’s & Social Security
7. ITC and Application of Technology for Development    
• GIS & RS application
• Renewable Energy for Sustainable Development
• Computer based Training for Marginalized Community
• Computer training for Livelihood Development
• ITC application for awareness and socioeconomic development
8. Integrated Mountain Development    
• Mountain Ecosystem/Biodiversity Development
• Mountain Water and Hazard Management
• Mountain Agriculture and Livelihood development
9. Education and Awareness    
• Support for skilled (Vocational )Learning
• Development of Basic learning module
• Support for basic education (non formal) in under privileged Communities
• Capacity development through Education and Awareness programmed in the Region
• Special Training for women and dropout Girl child