Our Values
Capacity Building and Training
Gender Equity
Social Justice
Peace and Harmony
Research and Development
Our Mission :
CEED focus on interdisciplinary research and development at local, regional, national and global level for community development, sustainable environmental management, public health, biodiversity conservation, eco-agricultural practices & food security , human security, gender empowerment, governance, Climate change, Urban Development, disaster management, global change in Asian regions and application of information and communication technologies for development (ICTD).
To contribute to this paradigm shift by means of various partnership-based programmes for capacity building of Research professionals through higher education, knowledge based development and networking. CEED will work as a catalyst for sustainable community development in the era of climate change at the grassroots level of society. Where women and men can freely realize their full potential, fulfill their rights and responsibilities and lead their life with dignity and self-respect.

Our Vision :
Committed to Sustainable Natural Resource Management, Disaster Risk Reduction, Energy Security, Integrated Humanitarian Development, Human Security and Managing the global changes in the grater Asian region