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Centre for Environment and Economic Development (CEED) is a Research and Knowledge Centre working for the Grater South Asian Region and secretariat is based in Delhi, India. CEED starts with a broad objectives & vision to Promote applied Research, Policy Advocacy, skill Education and sharing knowledge through publication, outreach programme and partnership for sustainable and cognitive development of the Region.

CEED works through partnership and sharing knowledge with multi-level crosscutting issues of Sustainable Development, Environmental Management, Urban Development Climate Smart Agriculture, Climate Resilience, Food Security, Green & Clean Energy, Socio-Economic Development, Integrated Health Management (Public-Environmental-women & child Health) and Integrated Disaster Risk reduction with a Humanitarian dimension. It focuses more on Applied Research, skill training & capacity development and Its uniqueness through comprehensive Policy level research intervention and cooperation, for the long term idea of climate smart economy and sustainable development of the South Asian and Himalayan region.

CEED being a research based organization works in a wide spectrum related to arena of NRM/ Integrated Water Recourse Management,(water conservation through watershed, rainwater harvesting, promoting artificial glaciers, ground water management, River basin management, overall water security ), Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR) & Management, WASH (Water, Sanitation & Hygiene), Climate Change, Urban Environmental Management and prevailing issues of Humanitarian dimensions, Livelihood development, Capacity Development, Human Right Advocacy, Community Development and Governance in the region. The main objectives of CEED to develop applied policy research for developing a network of partnership to make vulnerable communities resilient to prevailing situation and way forward to development. CEED adopts a community based approach, indigenous technology to empower communities through awareness, training and education. CEED from the beginning more emphasis and focus on women and child issues and dedicated for their integrated sustainable development. The main objective to start an International Academy based on applied Research for sustainable community development in Himalayan region as well as conservation of biodiversity and ecological balance .



Small and Medium Enterprise Development Training Programme

Centre for Environment and Economic Development, CEED organizing number of Capacity Development programme mainly Community Based SMEs programme with Afghan Rural Enterprise Development Programme, AREDP under the Ministry of Rural Rehabilitation and Development, MRRD. AREDP is divided into two Program components, one functional, and support component. The two Program components are Community-based Enterprise Development, which provides knowledge-based and financial services to community-based rural enterprises, and SME Development, which provides business advisory and financial services to rural SMEs.


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