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Dr.Michael H. Glantz, is the Director of the Consortium for Capacity Building at the University of Colorado, USA. He served as a researcher and a Senior Scientist at the National Centre for Atmospheric Research (NCAR, USA) for 34 years. Glantz’s research portfolio includes the following issues: African drought and desertification and food production problems and prospects; societal impacts of climate anomalies related to El Nińo and La Nińa events, climate variability, change and extremes; developing methods of forecasting possible societal responses to the regional impacts of climate variability and change; and the use of climate-related information for economic development. http://ccb.colorado.edu.He has published several research reports, paper, published articles and books which already acclaim International publicity. Dr.Glantz has been involved in various early warning projects since the mid-1970s. In 1976, he edited a book on The Politics of Natural Disaster: The Case of the Sahel Drought, which deals with ways to understand and avert future drought-related disasters. The book contains solutions proposed by experts in a broad range of disciplines for dealing with drought, famine, and the agrarian crisis.

Michael H. Glantz,PhD.

Dr. John (Jack) Shroder is currently Regents Professor of Geography and Geology at the University of Nebraska at Omaha USA , where he has taught since 1969. Dr. Shroder is an active geoscientist with plentiful research experience in South Asia (Afghanistan and Pakistan), the Middle East and Africa. Author and editor of 11 books and monographs, some 40 unpublished environmental consulting reports, over 100 professional papers, and a similar number of book reviews and published abstracts of presentations, Dr. Shroder has published on a variety of scientific topics dealing with landslides, glaciers, water supplies, floods, natural resources, development, and geoarchaeology. In the 1972 Dr. Shroder and another faculty member initiated the Afghanistan Studies Centre, as well as a project with Kabul University and the Government of Afghanistan to produce a National Atlas of Afghanistan. Support for the project was supplied from the US Department of State through the SEED (Scientists & Engineers in Economic Development) Grants Program run by the US National Science Foundation. In addition, Dr. Shroder was made advisor to the Kabul University Seismic Station by the US Geological Society and the US Embassy. In the 1990's to the present day, Dr. Shroder has also focused much of his research on surface processes and natural hazards in the western Himalaya and Hindu Kush. For this he has received extensive grant support from National Science Foundation, National Aeronautics and Space Administration, National Geographic Society, and Smithsonian Institution, and a number of private foundations. Elected a Fellow of the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS), the Geological Society of America (GSA), and the Explorers Club, Dr. Shroder has also been awarded a Distinguished Career Award from the Mountain Specialty Group of the Association of American Geographers, the UNO Award for Distinguished Research and Creative Activity for 1988, the Aksarben Outstanding Educator Award for 1991, and the Golden Key National Honor Society in 1994. As Co-Director of the GLIMS (Global Land Ice Measurements from Space) Project at UNOmaha, Dr. Shroder is responsible for the GLIMS Regional Centre focus on Afghanistan and Pakistan, which is actively dealing with ice, snow, and melt-water resources in commonly drought-torn South Asia. Dr. Shroder is also extensively involved in voluntary managerial aspects of several of the professional organizations to which he belongs, being Chair of the Quaternary Geology and Geomorphology Division of GSA, and immediate past Chair of the Geology and Geography Section of AAAS, the organization to which he represents the Association of American Geographers as an affiliated society.

Prof. John F. Shroder, PhD.

Dr. Narpat Singh Jodha, born in a small desert village of Rajasthan  (India)in 1937, had his post school education at  University of Rajasthan  (Jaipur), Delhi  School of Economics ( Delhi  University- for  MA in Economics) and  Jodhpur University ( Rajasthan- for  Ph.D. in agriculture and resource  economics).Jodha has worked in over fifteen countries of Asia and Africa as employee of different CGIAR Centres as well as the other agencies like the  World Bank, FAO, and UNEP  besides ICIMOD (International Centre for Integrated Mountain Development – covering 8 Himalayan countries), where he has worked for nearly two decades. Based on field level research and advisory work, he has published nearly a dozen books and over 90 research cum advisory papers, some of which have been re-printed in Books of Readings by different publishers.  Focusing mainly on micro level approaches Jodha has extensively worked on subjects like dry land agriculture, farmers’ adaptations to weather induced risks and  vulnerabilities, traditional and modern farm technologies, community group actions and common property resources etc. in dry tropical areas as well as the mountain regions. Their results have been used in policy programme discourse by governments and  development agencies  in many countries. Because of this Jodha has been recognized as a “Fellow of World Academy of Art and Science” since the year 2000.

Narpat Singh Jodha, PhD.

Dr.Milap Chand Sharma presently working as Faculty member at Centre for Study of Regional Development, Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi-India. He is belong to state of Utarakhand and did number of international and National publication on glassier and snow research. Recently He coordinated comprehensive research on Snow & Glaciers in Miyar Basin in Lahul and Palaeoenvironmental Reconstruction and Glacial Chronology in Bhagirathi Valley, Garhwal Himalaya. His research publication related to snow and glassier study were widely acclaimed, As a member of the Sikkim Glacier Commission delivered a presentation to Minister for Science & Technology, and Secretary, at Sikkim House regarding the glacier studies which he has carried out in Sikkim. He did number of training and facilitate several workshop and research based field study in north eastern Indian states and his reports are published in national and international journals and university publication.

Prof. Milap Chand Sharma, PhD.

Prof. Bipin K. Jojo, working as faculty & Chairperson, Centre for Social Justice & Governance, School of Social Work, Chairperson, International Students Office, Tata Institute of Social Sciences, (TISS) Mumbai-India. He did his PhD from Tata Institute of Social Sciences. Prof. Jojo has been a faculty at Tata Institute of Social Sciences since 1997 and he has been associated with teaching at Post graduate level, Research, Training and with various regional and national level organizations professionally. He has been supervising M.Phil/PhD scholars, MA dissertations. He has research interests on Tribal Issues, Good Governance, Resettlement and Rehabilitation of Internal Displaced People, Communities' Informal Care and Welfare Systems, Voluntary Organizations/NGOs/Community-Based Organizations, Participatory planning and Development. He has done several research studies, the consultancy reports on the above areas and has presented many papers at National and International seminars.

Prof. Bipin Jojo, Ph.D.

Dr Béla Albert Marosi, international researcher and academician from Rumania ,Europe currently working as Professor in Mongolia International, University under Dept. of Biotechnology and Food Science. He lead the department and supervise students specially Lab experiment, research and field bas scientific experiment. He did his PhD Molecular Biology Centre, Institute for Interdisciplinary Experimental Research, “Babes-Bolyai” University, Cluj-Napoca. The PhD project was acrried out under the scientific supervision of Prof. Univ. Dr. Octavian Popescu. The title of the PhD thesis is: Molecular markers for amphibian and reptilian population genetics. Course of Evolutionary Genomics of Natural Populations at the Biology Education Centre, Uppsala University, Sweden. He has published number of international jurnal paper and Book chapter. He dedicated to work internationally on the field of Micro biology , Human and Animal health, molecular biology and genetics, water qualty Management Research etc. Major Publications are follows; 1.Béla A. Marosi; Karen M. Kiemnec-Tyburczy; Ioan V. Ghira; Tibor Sos; Octavian Popescu. 2014. Identification and characterization of major histocompatibility complex class IIB alleles from three species of European ranid frogs. Molecular Biology research Communications (MBRC) 3/4: 215-222; 2.Marosi AB, Sos T, Ghira IV, Popescu O. 2013. COI Based Phylogeography and Intraspecific Genetic Variation of Rana dalmatina Populations in the Vicinity of the Carpathians. GERMAN JOURNAL OF ZOOLOGY RESEARCH (GJZR) 1: 7-16, 3.Marosi AB, Zinenko OI, Ghira IV, Crnobrnja-Isailović J, Lymberakis P, Sós T, Popescu O. 2012. Molecular data confirm recent fluctuations of northern border of dice snake (Natrix tessellata) range in Eastern Europe. North-Western Journal of Zoology 8(2): 374-37, 4.Marosi A. B., Ghira I. V., Sós T., Popescu O. 2011. Identification of partial MHC class II B exon 2 sequences in two closely related snake species: Natrix tessellata and Natrix natrix. Herpetologica Romanica 5: 1-6.

Dr Béla Albert Marosi, PhD


Priya Behrens-Shah, A dual citizen of Germany and the UK, of East African and Indian origin,. She did her MSc. Water Management from Cranfield University, United Kingdom Specialising in global water policy and management and BSc. International Studies Grant from the UK Department of Trade, Industry and Commerce . Priya was Candidate, 2009 European Parliamentary Elections Green Party of England and Wales 2007/2008, Priya is a multicultural and multilingual project and organisational development consultant with over ten years of work experience spanning the public, private and non-profit sectors. She is keenly interested in sustainability issues, equality, equity and innovation. Asides from thematic specialisations in water policy, governance and international development and a strong research interest in water rights and water allocation mechanisms, Priya's professional experience encompasses a wide range of skills, including: programme development, monitoring & evaluation, strategy development, business development, communication, networking, negotiation, training and research & analysis.

Priya previously worked at Transparency International's HQ in Berlin, Germany, where she contributed to the organisation, growth and global positioning of the 'Water Integrity Network (WIN)', a pioneering, pro-poor programme focused on improving governance in the international water sector. Her responsibilities included From the operationalisation of the pilot phase of the WIN Small Grants Fund, a pioneering fund aimed at reinforcing the base of anti-corruption tools, methodologies and actions for fighting corruption in the worldwide water sectors; research and communications and media relations. Before joining WIN, Priya worked at Stakeholder Forum for a Sustainable Future (UK), where she reviewed the scope of achievements towards international water and agricultural targets, in preparation for input into the GPPN for CSD-16. She worked for Welthungerhilfe (various locations): Germany: Editorial and Translation services for the WASH Orientation Framework and donor proposals Pakistan: Strategy Development Consultant, supported Alliance 2015 partner organisations in the development of a strategy for a countrywide WASH governance programme. Tasks included: research into the WASH governance context in Pakistan, planning and facilitation of strategy development workshops, preliminary needs-assessments, key informant interviews, identification of new partnership potential and the drafting of a funding proposal to AusAID Myanmar: Evaluation Consultant and Trainer, designed, planned and managed (including supervision of teams) two regional studies focused on WASH sustainability and WASH KAP. Also conducted two training courses to develop capacities of enumerators and national staff in social research methods and data-collection and analysis Kenya: Evaluation Consultant, planned, implemented and evaluated a pilot WASH sustainability study of 100+ infrastructure projects. Tested and fine-tuned methodologies and presented opportunities for enhancing impact of interventions, partnership development, donor coordination, as well as a mandatory system for ex-post monitoring Other clients include: The Transnational Institute, FDCL and RWW (the RWE Group)

Ms. Priya Behrens-Shah Water Policy Specialist and Adviser CEED


Reena Marwah, PhD

Reena Marwah is Associate Professor, Jesus and Mary College, Delhi University, India and is an M. Phil and PhD in International Business. In addition to several years of postgraduate teaching at management institutions, she also lectures frequently institutions of higher learning in India and abroad. Has been teaching in the college since 1982.She has been the recipient of fellowships including the Robert McNamara fellowship in 1999 as well as the Asia fellowship from the Asian Scholarship Foundation in 2002-2003. Authored/co-authored and co-edited five books, three monographs in addition to several research articles, conference papers and has delivered over 50 lectures at different institutions in India and abroad on issues of Indian economic development, poverty and governance, gender and development. She is the Secretary General of the Association of Asia Scholars and has organised several workshops and seminars in Asian countries. Is responsible for publishing Millennial Asia, the bianuual journal of the Association of Asia Scholars.

Mrs.Agnes Rani Paul from Chennai, Tamilnadu, did her master degree Social Work from Stella Maris Collage, Chennai and batchler from the College of Social Work, Mumbai. Humanitarian work from Institute of Minorities-European Academy Bolzano-Bozen- Italy Her Professional experiences are: 15 years professional experience in the humanitarian sector began with grass root organizations in South India and slowly rose up to managing and leading programmes. Throughout the professional involvement my conscious option of organizations and programmes has been one that stands and promotes Human Rights, Justice, Peace and Good Governance. The professional skills and experiential knowledge harvested by this passionate involvement are enumerated below. 14 years of experience in planning, implementation and managing of large and complex multi-sector programmes in development and humanitarian context, experience in overall Coordination (Human Resources, Finance and Field Operations). More than 9 years experience proposal writing, fund mobilizing and adhering to the compliance requirements which include project reviews, impact analysis, periodic reporting and evaluation for the various funding partners and International organizations such as Oxfam, Action Aid, Care India, Catholic Relief Services, AEI – Luxemburg, Caritas India, Caritas Germany, Malteser – Germany, Cordaid, Save the children, USAID, UNICEF.Livelihood programme management experience in Development as well as post disaster recovery process with hands on experience mainly through SHG approach. Substantial management experience in Disaster Response and Recovery Programmes: hands an experience of working for the relief and reconstruction programme of earthquake, floods and communal carnage, Tsunami in India and Sri Lanka. Knowledge in Project Cycle Management, Good understanding of accountability mechanisms and practices Hands on experience of using PRA approach.

Mrs. Agnes Rani Paula

Eng. Lana Panda did her Bachelor in Civil Engineering, Utkal University, Orissa, and Masters of Planning with specialization in Urban Planning, School of Planning and Architecture, New Delhi. Presently working as Technical Adviser for mainstreaming Public Private Partnership (PPP), in Orissa. Working as PPP expert in State PPP Cell (Govt. of Orissa), through Department of Economic Affairs, Govt. of India. She is Responsible for identification of infrastructure projects to be implemented through PPP format, capacity building of various Stakeholders, Appraisal and Review of proposals and documents submitted by various Transaction Advisors, finalization of Contract Agreements, reviewing and ensuring the quality of financial analysis, risk management analysis and protocols, and demand projections of all project providers for PPP funding .She has more than 14 years of experience in Urban Planning and Infrastructure Development covering aspects of project identification, feasibility studies, demand analysis, planning for provision, issues related to Social planning, preparation of Comprehensive Development Plans and Structure Plans for cities/ towns of various sizes, preparation of layouts plans for residential and industrial schemes, preparation of feasibility reports and conducting various surveys and analysis, and formulation of planning policies. She has expertise on Identifying and analyzing urban development trends, selection of potential projects in Urban Planning, Feasibility studies, development analysis, forecasting and conceptual planning tasks required for development projects, preparation of detailed study report, liaison work in technical, administrative and financial matter with Governmental bodies, Consultancy organizations and NGOs; formulating, and implementing policies and strategies to meet the challenges of rapid urbanization of various region 

Eng. Lana Panda

Prof (Dr.) Gautam Budha Sitaram having multidisciplinary academic and Professional Work experience in Development Programme, International Business Development, Strategic Fiancial Policy Analysis and Development, SMEs Programme ,Finance Control and Management, Market Strategy Development etc. is working as professor in management and law at Rukmini Devi Institute of Advanced Studies Affiliated to Guru Gobind Singh Indraprastha University, Delhi . Also Having exemplary experience of holding distinct position in the Institute with great expertise. He has 15 years of experienced in research and teaching. His areas of academic specialization: HR, Marketing, Entrepreneurship Development, CSR, Business & Industrial Law etc. He has to his credit numerous research papers published in reputed national and International journals. He represented number or International Conference, workshops and Seminar and presented papers and deliver speeches on number of developmental issues and challenges of India and global scenario . Prof (Dr )Gautam Budha Sitaram, MA(Gold Medalist),MBA, M,Phil, LLM, Ph,D and afflicted to Guru Gobind Singh Indraprastha University, Delhi.

Dr Gautam Budha Sitaram